This Guest paper was submitted for publication in February 2021.
It is copyright to Jessica Fender, 2021.
Published here June 2021

Introduction | Why Is a Content Plan Essential? 
Part 1 - Tips to Implement for Starters | Part 2 - Tips for Content
Part 3 - Tips for Structure  | Part 4 - Tips for Awareness  | Conclusion


While learning how to develop a content plan may appear complicated, it is persistence despite all challenges as well as the desire to work and develop in this field that makes all projects you manage very successful. Just keep reading, reviewing current information and innovative approaches, and your team will absolutely adore the way you write and present content plans. The extra time invested into polishing your plan's relevance to business goals and target audience will be a time well spent — as well as being beneficial to your career.

Good luck with your career in IT Project Management.

Part 4 - Tips for Awareness  Part 4 - Tips for Awareness

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