This Guest paper was submitted for publication in February 2021.
It is copyright to Jessica Fender, 2021.
Published here June 2021

Introduction | Why Is a Content Plan Essential? 
Part 1 - Tips to Implement for Starters | Part 2 - Tips for Content
Part 3 - Tips for Structure  | Part 4 - Tips for Awareness  | Conclusion

Part 1 - Tips to Implement for Starters

One must understand that there is no ultimate guide to writing a content plan, especially for a project in such a diverse sphere as IT. Constant development, a high level of competitiveness, and a need for flexibility are the phenomena that will make one's life full of challenges and opportunities for development. Still, here are 16 tips to implement and follow while writing your IT content plan. They will be relevant in many cases.

1.  Be Patient

A successful content plan is not a thing that can be done overnight, it takes time to write it, and it takes even more time to make it close to perfect. You will be presenting the project plan to the client, and there is a possibility of additional feedback or the need to change a roadmap. Unforeseen obstacles may appear during the plan's implementation and even the global situation may change abruptly. A completed content plan is not a static thing so you should be ready to refine it when needed, and it is not the task that you complete, submit, and forget.

2.  Start from Simple Things

A long journey starts with the first small step and for the IT project's content plan these steps would be five words: Why? What? When? How? Who?

Answering these questions is obligatory for making the initial outline and the finished content plan that has clear answers to these simple questions is more likely to be completed properly. This way you will know what exactly needs to be achieved. The clearly defined mission statement should let people understand what is your IT project's target audience, what type of content you are offering to them, and what audience's needs will be covered.

3.  Define Workflow Framework

Resist the temptation to focus on all of the tasks that need to be done and start with the general structure first. It will be the framework you will start to fill in with specific tasks, phases, sub-phases, milestones, and so on. Following this way of work will help you build a straightforward vision of the entire project and how all small tasks and parts can be grouped to ensure maximum efficiency.

Why Is a Content Plan Essential?  Why Is a Content Plan Essential?

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