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Published here June 2021

Introduction | Why Is a Content Plan Essential? 
Part 1 - Tips to Implement for Starters | Part 2 - Tips for Content
Part 3 - Tips for Structure  | Part 4 - Tips for Awareness  | Conclusion

Part 4 - Tips for Awareness

12.  Manage Content Creation Process

Developing the initial plan does not mean the work is already done. Managing creating and publishing the content regardless of the project's type is the essential component. This way, you can be sure your content plan was created correctly.

13.  Be Ready for Challenges

Complex IT projects are long-term endeavors that may not always develop according to the initial plan. Interdependencies between tasks as well as their complexity may require changes in the initial content plan. Unclear initial expectations from stakeholders and clients and developing technologies only increase the level of stress while developing the content plan. Anticipating potential problems and implementing the possibility of eliminating them in the initial content management plan are useful skills to develop with time. Make your plan flexible enough to mitigate unforeseen challenges and this IT project will be successful.

14.  Do Not Miss Your Deadlines

While this is a pretty obvious piece of advice and not a tip per se, adhering to this requirement on the content plan writing stage is essential as this is the first step of the IT project's life. Delays with developing structure and distributing tasks will result in subsequent delays and missed deadlines on other steps, confusion due to inattentively completed tasks, and major frustration of all involved professionals. This will resemble an avalanche in terms of catastrophically huge damage to the IT project's potential and inability to take things under control. Planning some motivation and stress-relieving training will help you get things done on time from your side so that all other people can follow your example.

15.  Time to Be Unique?

Writing a content plan for the IT project is definitely the time to think about what should make this project unique and how to make it better than competitors. Only this approach will turn a well-written and thoughtful content plan into a truly successful initiative. The plan you create will lead to creating content that makes people interested and convinces them that this project is worth checking and paying for.

16.  Learn Lessons

Did you finish the content plan successfully and the entire project was launched without issues? This is good. Did something fail due to flaws in your plan? This is bad but at the same time, this is awesome as you will learn the mistake and most likely avoid it in the future. Don't miss the opportunity to look back for a review of achievements and drawbacks and if you overlooked something, make sure to fix that when you write the next content plan.

Part 3 - Tips for Structure  Part 3 - Tips for Structure

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