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11. Transitioning the Product and Completing the Project

2.  Logical Sequence and Work

process diagram
time and money


Because a project's activity involves a set of logical steps, it is often referred to as a "process".

This process is typically constrained by limited "resources" for accomplishing the task at hand.

As well as the work by people, these resources generally include materials, equipment, energy and other services.

These latter are known as "consumables".


All projects need:

  • Time to do the work and
  • Money to pay for the work and consumables

Even though some of the items required, like staff work, are not always accounted for on some projects because they are charged to some other account like a corporate overhead account.

dark cloud
careful consideration


Unfortunately, some of these "resources" are not always available when needed.

And other things happen to interrupt the work.

So, projects inevitably involve varying degrees of "risk" to the project plan and/or the project's "deliverable".


All of the process just described requires

  • Diligent initial consideration
  • Meticulous planning and
  • Careful organization of people.

It also requires:

  • Watchful execution,
  • Genuine leadership to track and steer the direction of the work effort
  • Risk responses when hurdles are encountered, and
  • Effective and efficient communication to make things happen.

Finally, it requires an elegant transfer of the product to happy customers.

work piled up


A lot of management effort is required to do all this work well, hence the name "project management".

So what is project management?

Project management may be more formally described as:

"The art and science of managing a project from inception to closure as evidenced by successful product delivery and transfer." (PMGlossary #D01444)

There are a lot of other definitions similar in intent, but this is the best one.


Introduction (in general ...)  Introduction (in general ...)

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