Project Management 101


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11. Transitioning the Product and Completing the Project

11. Transitioning the Product and
      Completing the Project

deal closed


Transitioning the product and completing the project all takes place in the project's finishing phase.

Though time and budget may be running short, this phase is every bit as important as all the other phases.

You need to do it right.


Remember, you cannot build a house and just hand over the keys to the new owners and expect them to be happy.

You have to show it off and explain how all the equipment works.

After all, it will be a strange and new experience for the incoming occupants and they need to be made comfortable with their new surroundings.

ta dah!


It is the same with the product that your project has produced.

A well-orchestrated transfer of the care, custody and control of this deliverable to your client, customer or user, will go a long way to make them feel comfortable and happy with it.


And this in turn will elevate their view of both you and what you have done for them.

major award


Before you know it, they will be declaring the project a great success!


And finally, the PM of the successfully accomplished project is usually recognized by the organization for his or her achievements.



By the same token,

Make sure that the members of your project team
are also recognized for their efforts.

Because the success of the project will have been because of their willing contributions.

This way they will be keen to join you on your next project adventure!


But what about the success of the "product" or "deliverable" you may ask?

Well, that is a whole different story, because that depends on how well the product is deployed amongst its users and how well the intended benefits are actually collected!


Here endeth the lesson.
I hope that you have enjoyed our journey together.
R. Max Wideman


10. Achieving Project Success   10.  Achieving Project Success

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