Project Management 101


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4. Planning and Organizing the Work | 5. Quality Management
6A. Sequencing the Work of the Project | 6B. Sequencing the Work of the Project
7. Project Manager's Responsibility | 8A. Creating a Team to Do the Work | 8B. Creating a Team to Do the Work
9. Corporate Management's Responsibilities | 10. Achieving Project Success
11. Transitioning the Product and Completing the Project

8A.  Creating a Team to Do the Work

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The project manager's next challenge is to correctly assign the various project tasks to the chosen people.

It is obviously vital for project success that only people who are competent to do the work are properly fitted to do the different tasks.

In this way, you establish a real "project team".


For a team to be successful, its members must enjoy a high level of coordination and cooperation.

Consequently, each team member must be comfortable and happy with his or her individual assignments.

At the same time, each individual must be clear on how each of his or her separate parts contributes to the project as a whole.

torch bearer
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In short, the project manager must exercise considerable leadership skills by understanding, motivating and directing in a manner that satisfies each team member's personal needs.


This requires that the project manager must communicate quite clearly to every member of the project team.

That is to say:

  • Just exactly what the project's goals and objectives are
  • What has to be done
  • By whom,
  • In what order,
  • By when and
  • To what standards.



This can be greatly facilitated by developing an attitude of participation and teamwork ...



7. Project 
Manager's Responsibility  7.  Project Manager's Responsibility

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