Project Management 101


Index | 1. Introduction / In general ... | 2. Logical Sequence and Work | 3. Why Use Project Management?
4. Planning and Organizing the Work | 5. Quality Management
6A. Sequencing the Work of the Project | 6B. Sequencing the Work of the Project
7. Project Manager's Responsibility | 8A. Creating a Team to Do the Work | 8B. Creating a Team to Do the Work
9. Corporate Management's Responsibilities | 10. Achieving Project Success
11. Transitioning the Product and Completing the Project

8B. Creating a Team to Do the Work

authority and responsibility


To enable good teamwork, the project manager must dispense both appropriate authority and responsibility to the members of his or her team.

Each individual or team must be able to manage their own efforts according to the work they will be contributing.


Many projects encounter technical challenges associated with the project's technology, be it in information systems, engineering, construction or administration.

But these are in the domain of the technology involved in the project and not in the domain of project management.

However, the PM must have sufficient understanding of the technology to be able to understand the issues.



Of course there will also be conflicts that must be resolved by the project manager.

Some problems may become "issues" that stand in the way of progress.

If the project manager does not have sufficient authority to resolve an issue, then it should be immediately "escalated" to the project's sponsor, or even higher management for resolution.


Conflicts should be used constructively and resolved through team discussions to develop agreement.

This way, team members increase their commitment to the project's goals and objectives.



Inevitable, there will be "risks" that may turn into events that must also be managed.

If any of these are beyond the control of the project manager and his or her team, then they too should be "escalated" to higher management for resolution.

8A. Creating a Team to 
Do the Work  8A.  Creating a Team to Do the Work

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