Published here September, 2009.

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It should be noted that the background of author Gerry Kendall is as a consultant, strategic planner and public speaker, while Steve Rollins's interest is in Enterprise Program/Project Management Office/Project Office startups and improvements. The focus of both authors is on the information systems/information technology sector projects in large functional organizations where significant numbers of such projects abound. Consequently, the book is of primary interest to senior managers and executives in the IS/IT business, people concerned with the complexities of managing large numbers of corporate administrative projects. That is certainly a lucrative market for consultants but is not necessarily for every reader.

Whether or not either author has actually managed any of the large-scale projects where of they speak is not exactly clear. But both authors have served a large number of respected client companies and they have observed and listened well. As a consequence, the book is packed full of good advice, check lists, illustrative examples and/or case studies.

R. Max Wideman
Fellow, PMI

Downside  Downside

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