Published here September, 2009.

Introduction | Book Structure | What We Liked
Gems from Part I - Setting the Stage and Part II - Strategic Planning
Gems from Part III - The PMO in Detail | Gems from Part IV - Implementing a PMO
 Downside | Summary

What We Liked

This book is well organized and threads nicely through its content. It starts with the evolution of a project management office by first establishing the right environment and then establishing the right design. This is followed by identifying all the bases that need to be covered, and finally ends with implementing the plan. The text is written in clear and simple language that makes the material easy to follow and digest.

In particular, every chapter is laced with copious bulleted or numbered lists. These have the advantage of conveying a lot of critical information in a very short space. They also have the advantage that these lists are things that you can skip over on first read, but once you know they are there, they are very convenient for quickly referring back to when you truly need the details - working "under fire"! We really like bulleted lists. If the lists are solid you have confidence that the authors know their stuff.

In the following paragraphs we have selected a number of "gems" which we feel are particularly worth reporting.

Book Structure  Book Structure

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