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Gems from Part IV - Implementing a PMO

Chapter 25 presents a general proposal template in considerable detail, suitable for presentation to the corporate executive. The template starts out with the executive summary commitment letter proposing to

" ... accomplish the following key objectives:
  1. Produce an executive-sanctioned, prioritized enterprise project portfolio
  2. Build knowledge and skills to improve delivery performance
  3. Track, report, analyze, and improve project portfolio performance
  4. Replace deficient project management processes with standard and best practice tools, methods, and processes
  5. Drive higher value from project management training skills development
  6. Implement PM help desk"[14]

The template goes on to describe the Business Case; the Scope of the PMI implementation project; the Approach, the Risks; and the Costs and Benefits.

"A PMO must be launched with comprehensive top executive buy-in in order to be successful. Otherwise, your PMO will languish into obscurity. This buy-in must be obtained because:
  • Executives are at the root of the multi-project nightmare. Without their full understanding and support, you will never solve the constant fights over resources and reprioritizations
  • Cross-functional executive support is an absolute must to make the PMO work in every aspect of what it does
  • There can be no meaningful governance without top executive participation"[15]

To summarize, the authors point out that to implementing a healthy PMO:

"The basics involve the following critical success factors:
  1. Continuous pursuit of project delivery value, in the eyes of the key stakeholders, especially the senior management
  2. Acceptance of the discipline of consistent, timely, and useful project portfolio and progress information, reporting, and feedback
  3. Encouraging project teams to embrace and seek help from the PMO
  4. PMO capability to capitalize on project delivery opportunities and help avoid threats
  5. Full senior management support for the PMO establishment"[16]
Gems from Part III - The PMO in Detail  Gems from Part III - The PMO in Detail

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