Published here September, 2009.

Introduction | Book Structure | What We Liked
Gems from Part I - Setting the Stage and Part II - Strategic Planning
Gems from Part III - The PMO in Detail | Gems from Part IV - Implementing a PMO
 Downside | Summary

Book Structure

Advanced Project Portfolio Management and the PMO contains thirty chapters divided up into four sections. The chapters are too numerous to list all of them here, but the sections with a sampling of chapters that caught our attention are shown below.

Part I: Setting the Stage for a Successful PMO Implementation (covers four chapters)
Chapter 1. Introduction - Building a PMO That Executives Embrace
Chapter 2. The Right People, the Right Tools, the Right Data, the Wrong Result - Why PMO Implementations Fail

Part II: Strategic Planning - Choosing the Right Project Mix (covers six chapters)
Chapter 7. The Eight Major Subsystems that Strategic Planning and Project Management Must Address
Chapter 8. The 4x4 Approach to Strategic Planning

Part III: The PMO in Detail (is by far the largest section and covers 14 chapters)
Chapter 11. The Governance Board and Prioritization Management
Chapter 14. Project Portfolio Management
Chapter 19. PMO Organization Models
Chapter 20. PMO Roles and Responsibilities
Chapter 22. PMO Measurement System

Part IV: Implementing a PMO (covers six chapters)
Chapter 25. The Executive Proposal in detail
Chapter 26. Obtaining Executive Buy-In
Chapter 28. The Road Map to Implementing a PMO Executives will Embrace

The book includes an Appendix A in which an eight-level maturity model is described for a project management office.

Each chapter concludes with a summary and a set of review questions.

Introduction  Introduction

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