The views expressed in this article are strictly those of Max Wideman. Published here January 2023.

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Our Latest Move

I suspect that many of our readers have either moved home, or are contemplating doing so. And, having done so, have made a number of relatively small changes to their new place to suit their needs. That's what we've been doing, largely under pressure of having too much stuff, and not knowing where to put it all, or otherwise how best to get rid of some of it.

Meantime, my wife Audrey is in need of extra care that is available here at Amica, but which is only available on a different floor to mine. So, that is how we have ended up.

For our trip across Canada, we chartered a Learjet 45 from Life Flight International Inc. This company specializes in moving people from "door to door" over long distances and who may need medical attention on the way. So, at the appointed hour, they picked up myself, my wife and daughter from the front door of our old Chartwell home at Oak Ridges in Ontario.

I should add that the crew consisted of two med-aids and two pilots. So for those slow on math, that made a total person load of seven. And as a matter of interest, Audrey slept soundly on her stretcher for the whole journey, much to our relief. In the end, all that was needed was a fast comfortable plane, a friendly crew who knew what they are doing, a lot of fuel and a bucket of money.

<h5>Learjet 45</h5>
Learjet 45

Following a five-and-a-half hour flight they deposited all of us at the front door of our new home at Amica on the Gorge in Victoria, BC. That time included one twenty-minute stop in Regina to refuel.

Re-fuelling at Regina airport: I am leaning on the nose of the aircraft
Re-fuelling at Regina airport: I am leaning on the nose of the aircraft
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