The views expressed in this article are strictly those of Max Wideman. Published here January 2023.

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Our Personal Situation

I have a 3rd floor suite that consists of a bedroom that is a really odd shape — not a single square corner — a situation that would make any architect happy, yet it is quite workable. The living room is a large rectangular space of about the same area that I had in Oak Ridges. A particularly interesting feature is the size of the suite's washroom. It is literally large enough to accommodate two scooters end to end. Not that I want to, but that gives you some idea of the size. The shower is similarly large and I wish that Audrey and I had had that amount of size in our earlier years.

Since the washroom is so large, we have placed one of our two-drawer chests between the hand basin and the toilet. That's where we keep our clean towels and overflow of medications that we were told to bring from Toronto. And there is still some space left for piling up some paper towel rolls.

Another interesting feature is that the room has two medicine cabinets. One cupboard over the washbasin is very shallow, only deep enough for storing the little medicine containers you get from the pharmacy. In my case, I have a big enough variety of medications to fill three of its four shelves. The second cabinet, over the toilet, is more normal in size and depth and provides valuable storage for typical personal equipment. You know, hair trimmers, nail scissors, all that sort of thing.

The light switch is interesting. You tap on an area to switch it on - once you find the right area. I have glued a very small button on so the correct area is easier to find by feel. Hey, I plan to be here a long time, so why not? More interestingly, once the switch realizes that the place is empty (I kid you not!) it will turn itself off automatically.

Audrey lives on the 2nd floor where residents who need extra care are placed. Although her total space is smaller than what she had in Toronto. She is quite comfortable, and is well looked after, including help with dressing and being prepared for bed at night. She is ported to her meals in the dining room where staff takes care of feeding all those on this floor.

The Layout of the Building  The Layout of the Building

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