The views expressed in this article are strictly those of Max Wideman. Published here January 2023.

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Food, and Getting There

The food here is very good and carefully presented to suit the digestibility of people of our age and condition. On Audrey's second floor, dining is provided in their own dining room complete with their own serving counter. Audrey seems reasonably happy there, judging by her appetite, although her loss of memory makes it difficult to get any sort of opinion from her.

Since we are now going downstairs, I should mention the shape of the elevators. They are mostly deep rather than wide as is more usual. In particular, this makes accommodation of walkers much easier - of which there are many and frequent! Incidentally, there are easy chairs at the elevators for those who want to sit while waiting.

How to wait for the service elevator
How to wait for the service elevator

That brings us to the main dining room. This is on the ground floor and is actually a huge open space that can hold up to 20 round tables varying in size from two seats up to six seats. Before anyone sits down there is enough room for any resident to drive round the room in a scooter. Of course they don't — but that gives you some idea of the size of the place and amount of space between tables generally.

While I think of it, all dining chairs have a very interesting feature. The two front feet have castors, while the back legs are plain as might be expected. That makes it easy to move chairs when empty, i.e., tipped forward, but hard to slide away from the table when sat upon. This is yet another significant elderly safety feature of which there are many such thoughtful provisions.

In this large dining area, I would hazard a guess that the sitting capacity is around 80 or 90. I am told that the typical staffing of servers in the dining room for lunch is five, while for dinner it is six, since more work is involved. You come when you feel hungry, and you sit anywhere you like provided there is a clean spot available (that is if you come later as I tend to do.) Note, however, if you do not show up for a meal you are likely to be called or visited in your room to make sure you are OK and not sick with something.

Our Personal Situation  Our Personal Situation

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