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The Layout of the Building

As you can see from the layout of the building, it is a bit like a figure eight, encompassing two internal open-air patios. By walking the inside corridors around the core of the building, preferably on an upper floor, takes you over 1/4 kilometer. This way, by doing several circuits you can get a good walk entirely in doors.

Amica ground floor plan
Amica ground floor plan

Key to different areas

  1. Main entrance
  2. Lobby
  3. Bistro area
  4. Large dining room
  5. Kitchen
  6. Court & patio with landscaped interior
  7. 2nd courtyard with landscaped interior. Note this is a special area for folks who require special attention.
  8. 3rd Courtyard & patio
  9. Fitness Centre
  10. Demonstration kitchen & activity room.

The outdoor patios shown, are all paved and furnished with outdoor tables and chairs for the summer.

Right now is Christmas time, so almost all of the residents' suite doorways are crowded with Christmas decorations, like Santas, teddy bears and other Christmassy stuff. If you are doing your daily indoor walk, it will be filled with joyful expression. Here are some examples.

Hallway decorations
Hallway decorations

The current resident population is around 170 with a maximum capacity of around 180. Right now there are some vacancies — an unusual situation at this location. Average age? That is probably around 88 years.

Amica on the Gorge  Amica on the Gorge

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