OD -

Owner or Developer of project

PD -

Project Director, Owner's representative


Lead Architect or Consultant


Project Construction Manager

JA -

Jurisdictional Authorities

denotes primary responsibility

denotes significant supporting responsibility

Published here July, 2002.

Introduction | Pre-Project Study | Concept Phase
Concept Development | Schematic Design | Final Design | Tender & Award
Construction | Project Commissioning & Finishing

3.0     Project Execution Phase - cont/...

3.2.0     Stage 2 - Tender & Award

• In this stage, if a single general contract is being let, then prior to construction 'PCM' is a knowledgeable construction industry representative. Following award, the 'PCM' is the General Contractor's manager. If trade contracts are to be let, the PCM is the appointed construction manager. The following table assumes trade contracting, which gives rise to more detailed project and technical management. Otherwise, much of this work is done within the General Contractor's organization.

• At the end of this stage the owner/sponsor must select a contractor and proceed to Construction. (At this point, it should not be a question of whether or not to construct.)

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Responsibility »






     Project Management

Interview, select , & appoint Project Construction Manager (If trade contracting, an individual or firm, see note above.)

Establish bid package groupings

Bid & purchase long delivery items

Develop owner/tenant occupancy schedule

Develop detailed phased Construction Schedule

Finalize trade contractor bid lists

Analyze trade contractor markets (if necessary)

Conduct trade contractor pre-bid conferences

Regularly update & circulate Construction Schedule

Advise tenderers of time extensions if required

Receive, open & tabulate tenders

Analyze & verify tenders

Conduct pre-award post-tender discussions (if any)

Review & approve successful tenders

Prepare & issue letters of intent to proceed

Prepare documentation for contract signing

Check performance bonds

Review/update insurance requirements

Sign & issue contract documents


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Responsibility »






     Technical Mgt: Tender Packaging

Procure building permits (partial)

Prepare trade contract documents for tender packages

Regularly review contract plans & coordinate

Review and recommend on alternatives proposed

Receive technical questions and issue addenda (if requ'd.)

Technical review of tenders & make recommendations


Final Design  Final Design

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