OD -

Owner or Developer of project

PD -

Project Director, Owner's representative


Lead Architect or Consultant


Project Construction Manager

JA -

Jurisdictional Authorities

denotes primary responsibility

denotes significant supporting responsibility

Published here July, 2002.

Introduction | Pre-Project Study | Concept Phase
Concept Development | Schematic Design | Final Design | Tender & Award
Construction | Project Commissioning & Finishing

2.0     Project Definition Phase - cont/...

2.2.0     Stage 2 - Schematic Design

• In this stage, the 'PCM' is a knowledgeable construction industry representative such as a senior construction estimator or experienced construction manager.

• The end of this stage is the culmination of the 'planning phases' and requires
the owner/sponsor to take a Major Decision on whether to proceed to Project Implementation.

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Responsibility »






     Project Management

Prepare detailed design schedule

Retain special consultants (as required)

Determine security loss prevention program

Arrange survey monitoring of adjacent buildings

Liaise with owner's legal counsel

Develop bid package formats

Identify long-lead purchase items

Develop phased construction schedule (if trade contracting)

Initiate preliminary insurance review

Review & update schedule

Raise Conceptual Budget to Definition Level Budget

Review and update financial pro formas

Assemble Project Charter (Project Brief) documentation

Review and approve, or

Revise as needed

Major Decision: Project financing & go ahead, or abort

Execute development agreement


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Responsibility »






     Technical Mgt: Concept Development

Arrange & chair design coordination meetings

Refine Functional Program

Confirm basic materials & systems

Establish building form

Prepare schematic drawings

Prepare outline specifications

Identify, review & recommend special areas of study

Prepare alternate schemes

Analyze alternate schemes

Conduct energy economics study

Conduct value engineering analysis

Contact all Jurisdictional Authorities for codes, interpretation

Commence & coordinate engineering designs

Apply for Development Review & Plan Approval

Arrange for models, renderings, etc.

Conduct Development Review & Plan Approval negotiations

Conduct public consultations (as appropriate)

Prepare & present schematic design documentation


Project Definition  Project Defintion

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