OD -

Owner or Developer of project

PD -

Project Director, Owner's representative


Lead Architect or Consultant


Project Construction Manager

JA -

Jurisdictional Authorities

denotes primary responsibility

denotes significant supporting responsibility

Published here July, 2002.

Introduction | Pre-Project Study | Concept Phase
Concept Development | Schematic Design | Final Design | Tender & Award
Construction | Project Commissioning & Finishing

3.0     Project Execution Phase - cont/...

3.3.0     Stage 3 - Construction

• Throughout every project phase, both Project and Technical Management must proceed in tandem and be closely integrated.

• In this Stage, the 'PCM' is either the prime contractor's manager or, if trade contracts are let directly, an experienced independent construction manager. The following tables assume trade contracting.)

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Responsibility »






     Project Management

Arrange, chair & minute project team meetings

Mobilize for construction

Arrange, chair & minute trade contractor meetings

Arrange, chair & minute job foreman meetings

Establish system of cost control & forecasting

Establish shop drawing submittal lists & procedures

Ensure shop drawing submittals meet master schedule

Expedite deliveries (if necessary)

Obtain schedule updates from trades & suppliers

Evaluate progress & update schedule

Establish payment procedures to contractors & suppliers

Ensure statutory declarations from contractors & suppliers

Approve monthly progress billings

Administer payment approvals & monthly accounting review

Pay consultants, contractors & suppliers

Report monthly progress, payments, costs & trends

Update cash flow scheduling

Approve Contemplated Changes to the work

Prepare estimates of costs of changes to the work

Coordinate distribution of Change Order information

Facilitate settlement of contract disputes

Administer safety program

Administer security program

Deal promptly with labor relations problems

Arrange inspections by Jurisdictional Authorities

Establish reasonable dates for Substantial Performance

Ensure no liens exist for the work

Obtain release of holdback documentation from contractors

Certify holdback payments as of Substantial Performance

Approve holdback payments to contractors

Make payments to contractors

Establish reasonable dates for Total Performance

Verify all deficiencies & outstanding documents completed

Approve final payments to contractors

Make final payments to contractors


• At the end of this stage the owner/sponsor has a substantially completed facility but must still undertake arrangements for the transfer of the facility to the "care, custody and control" of the facility's operators.

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     Technical Mgt: Construction

Ensure all approvals, permits & licenses obtained

Organize access, temporary facilities & services

Establish lines, levels & maintain

Conduct on-going design meetings (if applicable)

Establish lists of shop drawings & samples required

Receive, record and schedule turn-a-round of submissions

Review submissions for design requirements compliance

Interpret plans & specifications

Inspect & monitor trade work & conformance to design

Select independent testing companies

Administer quality assurance & control programs

Prepare & distribute Contemplated Change Notices

Review technical conformance of change quotations

Prepare & distribute Change Orders

Verify monthly progress billings against actual work-to-date

Certify extras & credits to contracts

Certify contractor progress billing for payment

Inspections by Jurisdictional Authorities

Inspect & assess work to verify Substantial Performance

Certify Substantial Performance & recommend releases

Inspect & assess deficiencies to verify Total Performance

Issue Certificate of Total Performance

Verify all guarantees, manuals, documentation received

Certify Total Performance & recommend holdback releases


Tender & Award  Tender & Award

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