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Published here July 2018

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Book 1 - What if Common Sense was Common Practice in Business?
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Book 2 - A Pocket Guide to Stakeholders' Management Engagement
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George ends his book with his mantra for successful projects, which he calls the Road Map to Project Success, namely:[25]

  1. Project success is measured in stakeholder satisfaction;
  2. Stakeholders need to be "part of the team" to truly support the project;
  3. Stakeholders' happiness is directly proportional to their ability to exercise change;
  4. Change is the only constant throughout the entire project — build processes based on enabling change, not against it;
  5. Enabling change allows you to deliver what they really need, not what they thought they wanted when the project started; hence,
  6. Meeting the "stakeholders needs" results in a successful project.

To this end and at a minimum, the following areas should be discussed and processes/procedures agreed upon, especially amongst the project team:[26]

  • How to work together — roles responsibilities, relationships
  • How to exchange information — tools, medium, frequency
  • How to identify and resolve issues — collaboration and escalation
  • How to track progress — delivery status, forecasts, impacts
  • How to resolve conflicts — negotiation and arbitration rules

Unlike so many professional books, George has made his book, A Pocket Guide to Stakeholder's Management Engagement, very easy to read, almost like a memory jogger. Get a copy and keep it handy for your next project.

R. Max Wideman

Book Structure  Book Structure

25. Ibid, p70-77
26. Ibid, p75
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