This Guest case study was submitted for publication 8/15/13.
It is copyright to Young Min Park, PMP MSPM, 2013.
Published here February 2014

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Project Documentation

King Jeongjo issued orders to Che Jegong to document the Hwaseong project as the last stage of the project. In May 1796, Uigwejwamok was organized as a Uigwe document team. They collected all documentary records, slips, formal letters, meeting minutes and etc. at the project and started to make the Uigwe. This work took five years and was completed in 1801, after King Jeongjo died. As noted earlier, the Hwaseong Seongyok Uigwe consisted of nine chapters in a ten-volume book. The preface, which takes up one whole volume, includes an index of important subtitles for the entire set of books along with editing guidelines and procedures. Also included are the actual start and completion dates of the milestones for each facility. There are also detailed illustrations of each facility, equipment used and their associated parts. Of importance to posterity is the inclusion of a full-page fortress map showing the inside view of the whole Hwaseong city as it was in the 18th century. Lastly, the preface contains the project organization with names of each government officials responsible for the construction and publication of Uigwe.

The first chapter includes "Eojeseonghwajuryak", which is a basic project plan prepared by the King. It includes 136 separate records of the King's instructions along with meeting minute records of meetings with project managers and other officials. These are listed under the titles of "Jeongyo", "Yuneum", "Yuji", "Cheonryung", "Yeonsul" and "Gyesa".

The second, third and fourth chapters incorporate a poem all of which were written by the King. These chapters contain more routine matters such as the rules and regulations for punishing and rewarding the workers. They also contain formal letters exchanged between the 28 governmental offices regarding the project plan and execution, and the numbers, names, and other detailed information of each worker mobilized for the project.

The fifth and sixth chapters entitled "Jaeyong" include 284 pages of records of the project's budgeted and actual costs. This includes the type and amount of materials procured. These entries represent the total budgeted albeit itemized construction costs of over 860,698 Nyang. The records in this volume are extremely detailed itemizing each cost component, such as materials, labor and transportation costs. These were categorized for 68 different facilities and kept as a total construction cost of each facility.

The appendices, volumes eight through ten, are arranged in accordance of the main contents. They provide detailed information about the government buildings constructed inside the Hwaseong fortress.

Project was fully managed by "Seongyokso", which is today's "PMO (Project Management Office)" like organization. The King Jeongjo was the project sponsor providing the project funding. He also developed and presented the basic project plan. "Chae Jegong" was appointed as "Chongridaesin" (Project director) and Cho Simtae was appointed as a "Gamdondangsang" (Project Manager).

Bongdon (Beacon Deck)  Bongdon (Beacon Deck)

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