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It is copyright to Young Min Park, PMP MSPM, 2013.
Published here February 2014

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Main Structures | Command and Sentry Posts | Bongdon (Beacon Deck)
Project Documentation | Summary Contents of Chapters | PART 2

Summary Contents of Chapters

There are sub-chapters under each chapter and the summary contents are as follows.

Volume 1: Preface (184 pages)


Shiil: Milestone dates of each buildings, earth works, dates of reward to workers.


Jwamok: List of supervisors for Fortress construction, Uigwe writing, and Uigwe printing.


Dosul: Illustrations and drawings for buildings, walls, building parts, equipment and various ceremonies.

Volume 2: Chapter 1 (150 pages)


Eojeseonghwajuryak: Project basic plan released by the King, which is based on "Seongsul" written by Dasan. It includes 8 parts, which are size & lengths of fortress, materials, trench, groundwork, cutting rocks, access road, transportation equipment and wall construction.


Jeongyo: King's instruction. Records of 34 times.


Yooneum: Special message to the officials working at the Hwaseong fortress project.


Youji: King's instruction to project manager, Cho Simtae. Records of 6 times.


Jeonryung: Records of gifts, rewards from the King to officials and workers. Records of 18 times.


Yonsul: Question and Answer records between the King and officials for the various topics regarding the project.


Gyesa: Discussions records with King and project director and project manager regarding various project issues. Records of 59 times.

Volume 3: Chapter 2 (168 pages)


Eoje: King's poem on various subjects.


Eosa: Records of King's arrow shooting.


Bansa: Detail records of rewards, gifts and medicine.


Hogwe: Detail records of feast provided by the King. Records of 11 times.


Sang Jeon: Records of awards. Individual name recorded.


Euiju: Various records of orations and military trainings.


Julmok: Instructions of fortress guard, role and responsibility of military troops.


Goyumoon: Orations and Written prayers of events.


Sangryangmoon: Written prayers for building construction.


Bimoon: Epitaph for Hwaseong fortress.

Volume 4: Chapter 3 (138 pages)


Janggye: Formal letter to the King from the regional government.


Buldan: Reports to the King.


Yimoon: Issued formal letter between government offices.

Volume 5: Chapter 4 (158 pages)


Naegwan: Formal letter from the other government offices.


Gamgyul: Formal letter from the upper position of the government to the lower.


Poommok: Approval request letters.


Samok: Management principle and regulation.


Sikrye: Unit rate for materials and workers.


Gongjang: List of works including name, workdays, work place and hometown.

Volume 6: Chapter 5 (144 pages)


Jaeyong-1: Budget and actual consumed materials such as rocks, woods, ironware, coal, tiles, papers and stationeries and etc.


Actual spent materials, wages by each building and facilities.

Volume 7: Chapter 6 (140 pages)


Jaeyong-2: Continuation of Jaeyong-1: Other costs, printings, transportation charges, salaries, medicine, feast cost, planting, medical cost etc.


Surplus materials and equipment.

Volume 8: Appendix 1 (21 pages)


Haeng Goong: Details of each building in Haeng Goong (Temporary Palace).


Gonghae: Details of other government buildings in the fortress.


Danmyo: Details of the altar in the fortress.


Jeonggeo 31: Details of Manseokgeo water reservoir.


Yokgwan: Details of horse station.

Volume 9: Appendix 2 (113 pages)


The contents of the following are similar to previous chapters except they apply to Haeng Goong (Temporary palaces):


   • Jeonggyo; • Yonsul; • Eoje; • Eosa; • Julmok;
   • Goyoomoon; • Sangryangmoon; • Janggye;
   • Byuldan; • Yimoon; • Naegwan; and • Gamgyul

Volume 10: Appendix 3 (118 pages)


Jaeyong: Actual cost for Haeng Goong, Gonghae and Danmyo.

About Part 2

In Part 2 of this case study, Young Min Park will describe some of the detailed contents of the Uigwe that pertain to the management of the project.

Project Documentation  Project Documentation

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