David H. Curling,
B.Eng (Mech), P.Eng, p.t.s.c., Certificated Project Manager,
Fellow APM, Fellow PMI, CD

Editor's Footnote-
Unfortunately, the "PMI Canada" that David speaks of in his presentation is now defunct.
Published here October 2002.

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National Initiatives

"Buy Canadian" is a distant memory in the face of deregulation, free trade and the global marketplace. Canada has mature industries and a Federal Government that has had long experience in the management of international projects. Although institutionalized project management has been practiced in Canadian Government and Industry for over 35 years, there is no formal movement towards integration of professional project management organizations into Canadian Society.

Current Canadian initiatives are:

  • Agreements to Cooperate with Canadian Universities
  • Incorporation of  PMI Canada
  • Canadian Government Project Management Forum
  • PMP Certification Program
  • Canadian PM Professional Certification Project

These illustrate an integration with Canadian Society on a broad, but uncoordinated front.

Other international project management organizations have fully developed Certification Programs. Canada has not and will not until a PMI Canada equivalent is firmly established as a national and sovereign Canadian entity. Much work is necessary before Canada has a certification program that represents a Canadian viewpoint, unfettered by the policies and legal framework of a foreign country.

PMI Canada has been represented at the last three Global Project Management Forums. Country Reports, submitted by national representatives, have been collated and published each year as "The Global Status of the Project Management Profession". The 1996 Canada Country Report emphasized that Canada has been practicing formal project management for some time and is a repository for project management practice in the Federal Government, Aerospace, Shipbuilding, Construction and Telecommunications Industries. GPMF Canada Country Reports have been posted to the Global Project Management Web Site.[7]

The goal of the PMI Canada Certification Project is "a Canadian professional certification process that encompasses the broad universe of project management that is governed and administered by a Canadian national authority in concert with provincial authorities ... and is widely acknowledged by industry, government, academe and the general public as a professional certification process."

Project Management Organizations Initiatives  PM Organizations Initiatives

7. GPMF Canada Country Report, 1998
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