David H. Curling,
B.Eng (Mech), P.Eng, p.t.s.c., Certificated Project Manager,
Fellow APM, Fellow PMI, CD

Editor's Footnote-
Unfortunately, the "PMI Canada" that David speaks of in his presentation is now defunct.
Published here October 2002.

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Dispatch From the Future

Three issues face the international project management community. They are:

  • An International Project Management Body of Knowledge
  • An International Project Management Organization, and
  • Professional Certification.

In the face of different political, economic, cultural and legal frameworks I have reservations that an International Professional Certification is in the near future. The current National certification processes need much maturing. There may be some identification of equivalence. The task looks formidable given that the recognized "professions" do not have an international certification.

I have serious doubts that an International Project Management Body of Knowledge will be prepared that will satisfy all. Although PMI may come close in developing a useful generic PM Standard, possibly using the PMI BOK structure.

I believe that we will soon have levels of certification and project management certification authorities that recognize the reality of experience and competency credentials. The European based IPMA has adopted a career progression program. In the near future we can look to a similar model to be developed in North America. The pressure of industry and government demands will require such a program.

The PMI PMP Certification Program will continue to be a best seller. The entrance requirements are basic and it is a "relatively" easy approach to becoming certified as a "professional". Increasingly, North American corporations will demand the PMP qualification on job profiles. It will become imperative for North American project management practitioners to qualify for a PMP and "punch their PM ticket" to accompany technical knowledge.

I believe that an international project management organization is immediately at hand. This is dependent on full collegial cooperation between the professional project management organizations. World wide initiatives for the advancement of the project management discipline are increasing in intensity and will lead to the advancement of a global project management profession.

Global Union  Global Union

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