David H. Curling,
B.Eng (Mech), P.Eng, p.t.s.c., Certificated Project Manager,
Fellow APM, Fellow PMI, CD

Editor's Footnote-
Unfortunately, the "PMI Canada" that David speaks of in his presentation is now defunct.
Published here October 2002.

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On Globalization

The Economist magazine has declared the "Death of Distance" where internets of computers have eliminated distance as an impediment to economic development. Using a web browser with Internet access you can reach project management web sites around the world. Want to find out about the latest project management happenings, support or software? Click on an Internet Search Engine and you have instant information from a vast array of databases. The awesome power of our interconnected nature is evident from the impact of a chance remark of a popular American TV talk show host who sent the Chicago futures market into decline, and resulted in a litigious reaction from a powerful industry group.

Financial markets of the world are interconnected in a fashion that boggles the imagination. We are told, in great detail and in real time, what is happening in world political, social and economic affairs. We witnessed a war in the Middle East where the commanders watched CNN news to find out what was happening on the battlefield.

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