This Guest paper was submitted for publication and is Copyright M. Abdomerovic (2005).
Published here July 2005.

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Before starting work on this paper, we made a general review of the 2004 Edition. During this review we observed many good things, but also changes that need additional explanation.[4] Accordingly, we developed a perspective that reflects the upgrade from the 2000 Edition. At the output/input level, implicitly at the process and the process group levels, the 2004 Edition differs substantially from the 2000 Edition. We suspect that the extensive changes and a lack of methodologies to control these changes may have given rise to some problematic differences found in this latest edition. It is evident that these differences have changed the historical perspective and understanding of the 2004 Edition.

From the evidence we provide in the Findings section of this paper, we concluded that the 2004 Edition should be improved. Therefore, we developed a structure and approach for doing this that requires the definition of a set of new goals and objectives for this improvement. This should be solved in two stages:

  • The primary objective of the first stage should be collection, classification and correction of minor errors, e.g., modification of several figures. The results of this stage could be communicated to the project management community through the PMI web site.
  • The primary objective of the second stage should be a clear historical perspective leading to a better explanation of its predecessor edition, unless it proves that the 2004 Edition is a breakthrough. A result of this understanding and tracking of the historical perspective of the Guide will be an increased confidence in the latest document. In fact, this stage should be an early analysis of the current edition with a view to preparation of a new edition in years to come.

For further details, see the Findings section of this paper.

Background  Background

4. Rose, Kenneth H., PMP, A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOKč Guide) Third Edition, Project Management Journal, March 2005; Max Wideman, PMBOK® Guide, Third Edition - Is More Really Better? AEW Services, Vancouver, BC, March-May, 2005; Robert Youker and Stacy Goff, 2004 PMBOK® Guide 3rd Edition: A Review (; Steve Fahrenkrog, The 2004 Guide Changes, PMI - Portland Chapter. (
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