This Guest paper was submitted for publication and is Copyright M. Abdomerovic (2005).
Published here July 2005.

Abstract | Background | Introduction | Our Approach
Findings | Recommended First Stage Improvements | Second Stage Improvements
Other Research | Conclusions | Glossary of Terms Used in this Paper

Glossary of Terms Used in this Paper

Sub-elements of a process, e.g., process input or process output
Context of a component:
A set of relationships between a component of a process and components of other processes defined in the PMBOK® Guide
Full relationships:
Relationships that exists when the PMBOK® Guide descriptions of related process components are identical
Input set:
All inputs within a process
A process component with no successor relationship
Open start:
A process component with no predecessor relationshipOutput set: All outputs within a process
If an output from one process is an input into another process, then preceding process and succeeding processes are related by this interfacing output/input
Partial relationships:
Exists when the PMBOK® Guide descriptions and connotations of the related processes are similar but not identical
Process iteration:
A series of related outputs/inputs that advance a procedure of project management from one stage completion to another by repeatedly passing it through certain process groups
Relationships of a component:
The condition that controls how an input or output is related to its predecessors or successors
Step number:
A position of an output/input within particular phase and iteration of process groups.
***  Conclusions

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