This Guest paper was submitted for publication and is Copyright M. Abdomerovic (2005).
Published here July 2005.

Abstract | Background | Introduction | Our Approach
Findings | Recommended First Stage Improvements | Second Stage Improvements
Other Research | Conclusions | Glossary of Terms Used in this Paper

Muhamed Abdomerovic, Dipl. Eng., PMP, is a Civil Engineer with over thirty years experience in managing information technology, construction, process industry and energy sector projects. He has published three books and more than thirty articles on project scope, time and cost management. His current research activities cover several aspects of project management including process relationships, knowledge integration, information systems, document description and retrieval. He can be reached at


This article compares the changes from the PMBOK® Guide 2000 Edition to the PMBOK® Guide Third Edition (2004 Edition). Its purpose is to review the historical perspective of the Guides with reference to their process inputs and outputs. In particular, there have been conceptual changes that should be explained for the benefit of the project management community.

As a result of this research, as well as making suggestions for future editions, we strongly recommend improvements to the 2004 Edition by way of an amended update. This should be done in two stages. The Project Management Institute should move to correct invalid figures as First Stage Improvements, to avoid harm to the reputation of the Guides. This should be followed closely by a Second Stage project of improvements along the lines described in this paper.

Editor's Note: Since writing this paper, the Project Management Institute has issued a two-page Errata sheet as of 3/21/05 prepared by Rich Schwartz, available from the Institute. None of the corrections identified affect this analysis by Mr. Abdomerovic.


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