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Question 2 - Most Potent Quality of a Leader

RM: There are many different qualities that make an effective leader: visionary, strong workethic, organization, empathy, strong communications skills… the list goes on. In your experience, what would you describe as the most potent quality a leader in a PM role can exude to successfully lead projects and teams?

MW: Absolutely in my mind is the ability to communicate effectively to the PM's team, as well as to other key stakeholders. The second most important ability is to be able to listen positively. You will find lots of info on the subject if you use the search facility on my website. Just go and search for "communication".

In my opinion, "Information/Communication", as it should be called, is one of the poorest developed PMBOK topics, and is probably given insufficient attention when project management is being taught.

Question 1 - The Biggest Project of All  Question 1 - The Biggest Project of All

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