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Question 4 - Standing Up Against Overload

RM: Being a PM and being a person others look to for leadership and directions, sometimes one is left with many job titles: Communications Liaison, Problem Solver, Problem Avoider, Morale Booster, Reporting Officer, etc. How could a PM balance these varying job titles and still maintain a work-life balance? What are some strategies you suggest when the workload is intimidating while family needs and social obligations also factor into a person's responsibilities?

MW: See answer to Q3. Stand up and take a stand for what you can successfully handle. Refuse overload or request some one to whom the additional work can be delegated. Anything else will lead to failure, or at least less than optimum outcomes. That is not good for your reputation, nor is it good for the organization. Always be ready to quit if you don't get reasonable satisfaction. Make it clear that a recipe for failure should not be on the table.

Question 3 - Handling Too Many Projects  Question 3 - Handling Too Many Projects

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