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Question 1 - The Biggest Project of All

Rick Mann: I had an opportunity to look over your article on "the biggest project of all (that never got started)". You had an interesting anecdote about an experience with your grandfather and how the worms turned to cannibalism given the finite space and resources. The allusion speaks to our current situation as a human race and our over-population. What is the biggest project that never got started? What is the solution? What is the project?

[Here Mr. Wideman refers me to his article:]

Max Wideman: The real problem that underscores the situations such as loss of wild life habitat, desertification, soil and ground water loss, chemical contamination, failure of fish stocks, over-crowding in cities, traffic congestion, and on and on is so obvious as to be hardly worthy of mention. Indeed, warnings by project management seminar keynote speakers and forum attempts to generate interest in such projects in the period 1990 to 1993 have been quietly buried. Why? Because any discussion of the root cause is so politically incorrect.

What is the root cause? Do we really need to ask? Yes, it is population growth and, because of that, the very survival of mankind as we know it is at stake. If only the world could talk about it, openly and without rhetoric or prejudice, then develop a comprehensive program to tackle this problem seriously and with vigor, would be the biggest and most valuable project of all.

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