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Project PR Program Philosophy and Audiences

The philosophy behind a typical PR program for a public project should cover a number of issues. For example:

  • Conveying a good understanding of the project to the project team and workforce
  • Providing presentation materials and handouts
  • Keeping the public informed
  • Being open with information and
  •   Promptly responding to misinformation

Project #2: ALRT

In addition to the above, primary target audiences of the Transit project included the alignment neighborhoods.

Aerial view shows major acquisition of property and track relocation

Aerial view shows major acquisition of property and track relocation
to meet local opposition to running through a commercial center

However, it was noted that the people in this community would not necessarily be the same as the future transit commuters. In other words, a local but vocal minority could be expected, while the principal beneficiaries, the commuting public, would be from a much wider radius and no doubt constitute a silent majority. This type of situation is of course quite common in most large public projects.

The way vociferous people were often handled was to bring them in to the project demonstration center and discuss their concerns quite openly and honestly. They were often very much mollified when they were convinced that no secrets were being held back. Secondary target audiences included the transit industry as a whole.

Project #3: Expo 86

At Expo a similar approach was taken. Due to the fair's location in the city, four major neighborhood interest groups were identified, and a special site neighbors program was established. Community Relations workers developed an effective liaison with each group. This approach worked well, and as a result there were few complaints in spite of construction upset and pile driving noise.

A 1:100 scale model was built and exhibited in a prototype standard exhibition display building, two years before opening day. The model was probably the largest architectural model ever built in Canada, and will have been seen by over 200,000 people. Together with supporting display material, it has helped to attract exhibitors, generate enthusiasm and answer many of the questions and concerns of the various interest groups.

Throughout, the Communication Division has identified its friends and its enemies, and has addressed itself to the grass roots. Any suggestion of secretiveness has been carefully avoided. Up to 60,000 copies of 'Neighbor's News has been distributed monthly, and every effort has been made to take advantage of networking through the distribution of the Expo logo and children's' fascination with Expo Ernie, a small lifelike working robot

Program Effectiveness  Program Effectiveness

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