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Implementation of the PR Program

Once the PR program has been prepared in outline, its contents must be approved by the project's management. The program should also be a distinct item in the project budget, and receive corresponding approval. However, the question will arise as to where the activity will best fit into the project organization. Depending on the type, size and duration of the project it may well be that the PR activity should be set up as a separate function within the project directorate of the sponsoring organization. Since high visibility is involved, this will best serve the sponsoring organization's goals.

It should be emphasized, however, that the project PR program should not simply be just an added responsibility of an existing department, because the project priorities and time frame will be quite different, and specific project requirements may be overlooked.

Project #1: LNG

In the LNG and Transit projects, the PR functions were responsible directly to the sponsors themselves and therefore in a staff relationship to the project manager. No doubt this choice was made because the function was seen as being very sensitive. Notwithstanding, in both cases the project manager had good input and received good advice. In retrospect it would probably have been better to have the PR Department reporting directly to the project manager in both cases.

Project #2: ALRT

In the Transit project, the PR function was also responsible directly to the sponsors, and the total PR effort was generally supported by a staff of 8 people peaking at about 13. Individuals were selected either for their writing ability, or their ability to handle community services, exhibitions and so on. All worked as a closely knit team drawing on their various personal strengths. The writers had to be capable of producing fast clear media style text and generally had a journalistic background. The remainder were project trained to stand on a platform to be ready with information and to man the exhibitions. Some were selected for their suitability as General Information Officers.

Including outside brochure art work, printing, demonstration models and so on, the total cost of the PR effort amounted to approximately 0.6% of the total project budget.

Project #3: Expo 86

The Expo project was set up as a provincial Crown corporation, and the marketing and communications divisions were therefore both part of the project organization. However, because of the overlapping impact of the two divisions it is difficult to separate out the effective cost of each. The communications effort on its own is probably of the order of 0.4% of the project cost.

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