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Project Examples

Project #1: LNG

LNG Plant Site

Liquefied Natural Gas Plant Site

A proposal to establish the facilities for exporting natural gas to Pacific Rim markets was contemplated by a private company. The facilities would include an 800 km pipeline, a plant capable of producing 23,000 cubic meters of liquefied natural gas (LNG) per day, a marine terminal and a fleet of ships to deliver the fuel to the company's customers. The capital cost was estimated to be about $5.6 billion.

The "project" in this case was to carry out all the necessary financial and economic analyses, market studies, customer identification, site location and pipeline route selection studies, process, product transfer and safety equipment selection and fleet optimization studies. In addition, environmental impacts and socioeconomic benefit studies were required in order to complete an application to the Provincial Government for approval to proceed. To succeed, the application would require the majority support of all those impacted by the project, and assistance with public relations was obviously essential.

Liquefied Natural Gas Concept

Liquefied Natural Gas Concept

Project #2: ALRT

Advanced Light Rapid Transit

Advanced Light Rapid Transit: Present and possible future extensions

The Provincial Government launched an ambitious project to design and build 22km of advanced light, intermediate capacity, rapid transit system between two densely populated areas from downtown to downtown over hilly terrain. To provide for grade separation, about 14 km of track is elevated, 2km is in tunnel, and the remainder is at grade on a dedicated right-of-way. Innovative features include very light driverless cars, magnetic traction, steerable wheels, and fiber optic based communication and control systems. The escalated cost of this four-and-a-half year project is $800 million. With such a high profile project, a decision to include a separate public relations department was taken at an early stage.

Project #3: Expo 86

The Provincial Government conceived the idea of a five-and-a-half month long transportation exposition, to be held in 1986, to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the city of Vancouver, British Columbia. Called Expo 86, its theme is World in Motion, World in Touch - the movement of people, goods and ideas, over land, sea, and air or by the flow of electrons. This theme will be developed through seminars, symposia and special events dealing with specific aspects. There will be special demonstration projects, performing and visual arts, and of course various theme pavilions. It will be held following the startup of the new ALRT transit system.

This panoramic view of Vancouver shows the site of Expo 86
superimposed on False Creek Šon the southern edge of the downtown area

This project, which is also four-and-a-half years long, started with a group of five people, now has a workforce of about 500 and will grow to some 20,000 during the exhibition. The rising tide of enthusiasm amongst potential exhibitors has increased the projection of 22 participating countries to the current total of 41. As a consequence the site, which is within walking distance of downtown Vancouver, has had to be expanded several times. Its present size is 70 hectares.

Including costly temporary structures built out over the adjacent water front, the total project cost, excluding the investment by participants but including exhibition operating costs, is around $800 million.


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