This case study is a fictitious project situation and any resemblance or similarity to actual events, dates, places or names is purely coincidental. It was submitted for publication by email 3/29/08. It is copyright to R. Leduc, ©2008.

Introduction to the Project | Project Planning | Stakeholder Participation 
Project Execution | Case Study Analysis

Stakeholder Participation

As the project progressed Jeff had begun to run into some difficulties with the Town Councilors and the steering committee. The public was also starting to ask some tough questions and letters to the editor in the local newspaper were becoming increasingly hostile.

Even worse than the public and Town Council's reaction to the project was what was going on behind the scenes. It was difficult to get accurate project cost summaries from the Town's accounting department and when Jeff did get them, they were months late and always incomplete. Jeff didn't really like dealing with accounting department and he began to think they were undermining his project.

As far as the deliverables were concerned, the strip mall was ready in time to accept the relocated businesses. Although the volunteer recruitment was not turning out as expected, Jeff negotiated directly with some public works employees to assist the businesses with their move. He figured the employees could take time off at a later date to make up for the time spent and that the costs wouldn't hit his budget.

Jeff was pleased that the strip mall renovation was under budget, the result of his elimination of some of facade improvements. He planned to highlight this cost control measure at the next steering committee so they were aware of his project management skills.

Project Planning  Project Planning

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