This case study is a fictitious project situation and any resemblance or similarity to actual events, dates, places or names is purely coincidental. It was submitted for publication by email 3/29/08. It is copyright to R. Leduc, ©2008.

Introduction to the Project | Project Planning | Stakeholder Participation 
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Ron Leduc MBA, PMP, CMC, is Managing Partner of ClearLogic. ClearLogic is a full-service consulting and training firm founded by project management and consulting professionals. Ron has fifteen years management experience as CEO and specializes in managing complex and/or controversial projects, including community development, telecommunications and business initiatives. He has managed multiple-project portfolios and coordinated multi-partner strategies in areas such as tourism development, technology implementation, re-employment training and entrepreneurship. He can be reached at or via his web site:

Note: At the conclusion of this case study, a set of fourteen questions suggests a framework for review and discussion. Readers are advised to read the entire case study before responding.

Introduction to the Project

Jeff Gauthier, an experienced project manager, was recently hired by the Wellington County Economic Development Agency to manage a very controversial economic development project. The project scope included:

  • Numerous public information sessions
  • The relocation of several businesses to a new strip mall
  • The demolition of a block of businesses in the downtown core
  • The development of a new downtown recreation complex
  • Traffic rerouting

Because of the complexity of the project a steering committee was formed to guide Jeff through the process and to act as a liaison for Town Council so that the municipal government could be kept informed and onside.


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