This case study is a fictitious project situation and any resemblance or similarity to actual events, dates, places or names is purely coincidental. It was submitted for publication by email 3/29/08. It is copyright to R. Leduc, ©2008.

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Project Execution

The demolition phase was going according to plan. Jeff hired waste contractors by competitive bid and an out of town firm was successful. In order to assist the out of town firm, Jeff allowed them to use a portion of the town service shop so they could keep their trucks maintained. Jeff figured that anything he could do to keep the costs down would be favorable to the project. Jeff also decided to let the waste contractors dump their materials unsorted rather than incur the additional costs that the project could not afford.

The new recreation building was not going according to the project schedule. The contractors never seemed to start at the right times and they could never complete their work on time or in the right order. As an example, the plumbing was finished far in advance of the original plan but the electricians were not even close to being finished.

Rather than keep the plumbers on site for final testing, once the electricians were done Jeff let the drywallers finish their taping and painting. He figured he could test the plumbing later and catch all the deficiencies at one time. This would let him recover from some of the project delays and allow him to catch up on his schedule.

Another strategy Jeff used to recover to his original timeline was to plan the rink stadium seating as the project was unfolding. Because of the cost cutting required, rather than delay the project by going back to the architectural firm for redesign and recosting, Jeff would ask the contractor to review the stadium seating plan when the rink was being constructed. This would regain a month of lost time.

Jeff also had the contractor bring in additional staff to get the rink constructed a bit ahead of schedule, knowing there would be inevitable delays once the weather changed. The contractor agreed to supply additional staff but negotiated to not be responsible for some of the finishing work. Jeff agreed to this, thinking he could get town staff to finish the job.

Stakeholder Participation  Stakeholder Participation

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