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People Are Reskilling to Get Better Salaries

Another growing trend in the tech sector is acquiring more skills and opting for better jobs. The idea is to obtain high-paying salaries to cope with inflation and high living costs. That's why they're opting to join coding boot-camps, get a bachelor's degree, or enrolling in on-the-job training to enrich their resume.

The highest paid salaries in tech

Tech salaries have always been considerably high. However, some specializations offer better compensation than others. Hired's State of The Salary report has evaluated some tech jobs with the highest salary increase in 2021. Take a look at the following list to know what they're all about and their average salary:

  • Product Managers
    Product management is a managerial role where employees develop strategies, allocate resources, assign tasks, and oversee the development process. Product managers are also responsible for setting corporate standards, ensuring every team member follows them, and creating a project communication management plan if necessary. This includes deadlines, budgets, and goals. According to Hired's report, product managers went from around $125,000 to almost $150,000 in annual salary.
  • Q/A Analysts
    Q/A analysts evaluate software to detect potential flaws in the system. They must perform multiple tests to ensure that the program, game, or software is up and running. These assessments also allow analysts to see if these programs are user-friendly before being released to the public. The State of the Salary report estimates that this role went from earning less than $100,000 to almost $125,000.
  • Web Design
    Web design is another niche that has experienced an unexpected rise in 2021. The report revealed that design careers went from around $112,500 to more than $125,000. Web designers are responsible for creating layouts, fonts, corporate colors, and more for websites.
  • Data Scientists
    Data scientists collect data and analyze it to discover interesting insights. Their role is to help companies make better business decisions. They identify trends, patterns and forecast situations with raw data. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that their average salary is $126,830.
Tech Workers Want Higher Salaries  Tech Workers Want Higher Salaries

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