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Introduction | The Current Status of Remote Jobs 
Location-Based Payment | Tech Workers Want Higher Salaries
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Location-Based Payment

With everybody returning to their homes in different states, companies had to develop a fair payment dynamic to level up their living costs.

Counting money and settling accounts with a calculator
Counting money and settling accounts with a calculator[1]

The average national salary of a web developer wouldn't be ideal for high-cost living cities such as New York or San Francisco. Yet, it would be considered high for cities like Austin or Denver.

That's why most tech companies had to implement location-based compensation to balance the cost of living difference. Therefore, some tech workers would receive a pay cut.

Not everybody's happy with that decision

No matter how you put it and which words you use to describe it, nobody likes to reduce their salary. According to the previous report, 74% of employees would start looking for a new job if their wages were cut, and 58% of them would not accept a salary decrease in exchange for working remotely.

A high number of tech employees are not satisfied with this decision. They believe that they should maintain their salaries despite working remotely. Some even want higher wages.

The Current Status of Remote Jobs  The Current Status of Remote Jobs

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