This Guest paper is copyright to María Elena González © 2022. Published here May 2022.

Introduction | The Current Status of Remote Jobs 
Location-Based Payment | Tech Workers Want Higher Salaries
People Are Reskilling to Get Better Salaries | In Summary

The Current Status of Remote Jobs

Hired's 2021 State of the Salary report estimates that 79% of employees work fully remotely. Eighteen percent of employees work in a hybrid model, while only 3% work in the office full-time. This is the highest level of remote workers ever registered, all due to the pandemic.

Yet, it seems like this trend is not going to slow down. The same report revealed that only 1% of employees want to return to the office. Fifty-two percent would like to continue working online with an optional office, 32% prefer to stay fully remote, and only 14% want a hybrid approach.

Introduction  Introduction

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