This Guest paper was submitted for publication in January 2018.
It is copyright to David Miller.
Published here March 2018

Introduction | Why Resolutions are Hard to Keep 
How to Make Achievable Resolutions | Project Management Resolutions Worth Taking
Confront your Problems | Celebrate Success | Enhance your Skills
Use Technology More | Conclusion

Project Management Resolutions Worth Taking

We are now ready to take some resolutions that we can actually stick to and transform ourselves into rock-star project managers as well as better human beings. Let's discuss some of the resolutions worth taking this New Year.

Create a vision

Figure 4[4]

This is unarguably the most important resolution that you should take this year. Most people act without any vision or long-term goal. That makes every other resolution meaningless. Once you have a vision in place, every other goal or target that you set would immediately start to have some meaning to it.

Vision is the mother of all goals and every other resolution should draw you one step closer towards it. It doesn't matter whether that step is a tiny move or a giant leap. What matters is that you are now inching towards the ultimate goal of your life as a project manager. Give yourselves a deadline to come up with a vision statement at the earliest. Try doing this before going to take on other resolutions.

Enjoy the present

While most of us don't have a vision in place, those who have are always worried about it. Such people, who are often the ambitious kind, are living in the future. Each and every thought that they have is future based. Their natural thinking process is, "When I'll achieve this, then I'll be happy". That is a great thought to have, but what about the present? If you link your happiness to achieving your goals, you should be prepared to have a long time of unhappiness before you achieve those goals.

Hence, your next resolution should be to unlink your goals from your state of being happy. Learn to enjoy the present. No one can be perfect. Embrace your imperfections, but strive to improve upon them while being happy. The best project managers are the ones who make the most out of their abilities, learn from their mistakes, enjoy their success, and continuously improve themselves.

How to Make Achievable Resolutions  How to Make Achievable Resolutions

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