This Guest paper was submitted for publication in January 2018.
It is copyright to David Miller.
Published here March 2018

Introduction | Why Resolutions are Hard to Keep 
How to Make Achievable Resolutions | Project Management Resolutions Worth Taking
Confront your Problems | Celebrate Success | Enhance your Skills
Use Technology More | Conclusion

Confront your Problems

Every project manager has to face constant challenges time and again. These obstacles can be in the form of people or situations. It can be a difficult boss or a stubborn team member or in a lot of the cases, an unyielding client who might give you a hard time during an ongoing project.

In many cases, we are afraid to tackle the situation head-on, fearing that it might damage our reputation or sour our relations. It can simply be the fact that our hands are too full to confront these problems.

Figure 5[5]

To become a successful project manager, you need to be able to handle such ugly situations. No one excels at their job until they pass this "trial by fire" with flying colors. It happens so many times that the problem in itself is not big, but our fear and inability makes it look gargantuan.

A great analogy would be to imagine your mind as a container and the problems as water. If your container is small, say the size of a mug, and a bucket full of water comes your way, what happens? It would be a huge problem for you and you won't be able to deal with it. But if a bucket of water comes your way and your container is a drum, it won't even register as a problem with you.

Your next resolution as a project manager should be to grow your "container" so that you are well equipped to confront your problems without coming under pressure.

Project Management Resolutions Worth Taking  Project Management Resolutions Worth Taking

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