This Guest paper was submitted for publication in January 2018.
It is copyright to David Miller.
Published here March 2018

Introduction | Why Resolutions are Hard to Keep 
How to Make Achievable Resolutions | Project Management Resolutions Worth Taking
Confront your Problems | Celebrate Success | Enhance your Skills
Use Technology More | Conclusion

How to Make Achievable Resolutions

Create enough "causes" that would lead to the desired "effects". Meaning, the only resolutions worth taking are the ones that help you become a better project manager.

Set goals that transform your bad habits, that restrain you from achieving anything in life, into good habits. Once you imbibe the right approach to project management, nothing is far from your reach.

Besides, you need to monitor your progress frequently. This can help you make sure that you are on the right path. But don't introspect too much. It hampers your progress. Try to adopt a scientific approach. It could include:

  1. Defining measurable goals
  2. Devising a strategy to achieve them
  3. Implementing the strategy
  4. Analyzing the progress
  5. Improving the strategy based on the analysis.
Figure 3[3]
Why Resolutions are Hard to Keep  Why Resolutions are Hard to Keep

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