This Guest paper was submitted for publication in January 2018.
It is copyright to David Miller.
Published here March 2018

Introduction | Why Resolutions are Hard to Keep 
How to Make Achievable Resolutions | Project Management Resolutions Worth Taking
Confront your Problems | Celebrate Success | Enhance your Skills
Use Technology More | Conclusion

Celebrate Success

Project managers often find themselves stuck between a rock and a hard place. They are either managing their team to deliver the project on time or they are communicating with client to update them on the progress. Both give them a tough time in most cases. Besides, there is a constant fear of any sudden risk or obstacle to arise that threatens a project's progress.

Amidst such a chaotic environment, project managers are almost never calm or at ease. No wonder they stop enjoying the little victories that they encounter on a daily basis. You are a human, not a machine, stop being so hard on yourselves. Your biggest resolution this year shall be to celebrate success more often.

Acknowledge and appreciate your team

Project managers are incomplete without their team. A ship with just the captain and none of the crew is destined to get lost even before setting sail. Unless your team backs you up with hard work and full commitment, you won't be in a position to deliver even the simplest of projects on time.

To ensure that your team accepts you as a leader, learn to appreciate their efforts. Acknowledge their work and give them credit where it's due. When your team mates feel appreciated, their work output automatically increases and they start to take responsibility and accountability for the project as their own.

You would feel the difference automatically when your team is aligned with your vision, and it would be an empowering feeling. Resolve to appreciate your team this year.

Confront your Problems  Confront your Problems

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