This Guest paper was submitted for publication in December 2020.
It is copyright to Frank Hamilton.
Published here January 2021.

Introduction | Communication and Language Barrier Challenges 
Cultural Differences | Time Zones & Religious Holidays
Using Appropriate Collaboration Tools | In Conclusion

Time Zones & Religious Holidays

If you have team members in different countries with different time zones, you must plan how to schedule meetings suitable for all the team members. Project managers can also regularly change meeting times, so people from a particular time zone do not always lose sleep. It is also important to realize how time zones affect deadlines and team member's availability.

Project managers must realize they won't necessarily get a callback or message reply immediately. Managers should use tools to get around risks of managing projects across time zones. Instead of adapting your project plan to multiple time zones, use a project management software that automatically converts project deadlines according to the user's device time zone setting.

National and Religious Holidays

An international team will have team members with different national and religious holidays. The project manager must find a way to accommodate such holidays, even if they are different from his or her own. For example, a Muslim team member will observe their Ramadan once a year. Hence the project manager must allow for reducing this team member's workload during Ramadan (fasting).

The foregoing are some of the challenges project managers will face while managing international teams. Let us now take a look at another important part of managing an international team.

Cultural Differences  Cultural Differences

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