This Guest paper was submitted for publication in December 2020.
It is copyright to Frank Hamilton.
Published here January 2021.

Introduction | Communication and Language Barrier Challenges 
Cultural Differences | Time Zones & Religious Holidays
Using Appropriate Collaboration Tools | In Conclusion

In Conclusion

It is clear that launching and managing an international project adds a number of extra challenges that do not necessarily exist in a project that only involves the home territory. Additional "people" skills are essential to facilitate a smooth working relationship amongst diverse team members from different cultures and with different coordination expectations. Always remember that while you are judging the members of your team, they will also be judging you!

Obviously, if you know of any other project management approaches, you should always set up what you think will work best for your team. Project management for international teams is a lot of fun, and you will also get to learn more about different cultures around the world.

Using Appropriate Collaboration Tools  Using Appropriate Collaboration Tools   

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