This Guest paper was submitted for publication in December 2020.
It is copyright to Frank Hamilton.
Published here January 2021.

Introduction | Communication and Language Barrier Challenges 
Cultural Differences | Time Zones & Religious Holidays
Using Appropriate Collaboration Tools | In Conclusion

Using Appropriate Collaboration Tools

Technology has changed how members of international teams communicate. Even though there are limitations as to how people interpret messages communicated through technological channels like instant messaging or emails, they are, nevertheless, essential tools for international collaboration.

Communication channels like instant messaging and chat actually help in promoting collaboration. Team members can ask their colleagues questions without having to wait for the next meeting. The more your team members communicate, the more bond and understanding they share.

Another collaborative tool is web conferencing. With web conferencing, changes can be made to a document in real-time. It can also show how to use a product without all the team members being in the same room.

Some tools allow presentations and meetings to be recorded. It helps any team member who missed the conference demonstration by playing back the recording. It is especially useful for team members who cannot take part in meetings due to time zone differences. Also, members who have a different native language can go back and spot any detail they may have missed or not understood at the time.

Time Zones & Religious Holidays  Time Zones & Religious Holidays

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