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Published here October 2020.

Introduction | Project Management and Health Policies
High Stakes and Beneficiaries | Stakeholders and Flexibility
Benefits of Project Management by Planning and Budgeting
Benefits in Processes, Communications and Stakeholder Relations
Best Practices for Healthcare Project Managers | Conclusion

Project Management and Health Policies

Project management is the ideal approach to meet the challenges of operational improvements in order to bring about better performance and success of healthcare systems. Due to the increases in job and inflow of money into the industry, healthcare administrators now see a reason why they should streamline their workflows and also start to implement new processes. Healthcare project managers are therefore responsible for coordination, planning, and organizing the provision of quality service to patients that visit clinics, hospitals, and every other healthcare facility.

The major challenge in the healthcare sector includes lowering the cost of output and also improving the rate of project success. But according to the Massachusetts Hospital Association, the major advantage of project management is that it helps to be a step ahead of every potential risk while allowing hospitals to run more efficiently and safely.

Every organization practices some form of project management but project management in healthcare is unique and also on a whole different level. Here are the top 5 things every project manager must know about the healthcare industry:

1.  Be conversant with health policies

The healthcare industry is a provider of essential services, and that makes it a subject of attention for the government all over the world, world health bodies, health organizations, and the public at large. Such attention implies that policies are meticulously put in place to ensure that healthcare delivery and projects are satisfactory, adequate, and of good quality. Therefore, activities, services, and projects must ensure conformity with stipulated policies and guidelines.

These policies vary in relation to the different departments in the hospital. Depending on the clime, health policies may include policies on the category of people to receive free healthcare; license of healthcare providers; conditions of service for healthcare workers; procurement of healthcare equipment or materials; and the capacity of treatment to be administered by different levels of healthcare workers. You should also study drug usage policies — for example, you should know what the healthcare policy says about marijuana cleanse. A project manager must know the various government policies guiding the healthcare industry. This will help you to manage your healthcare projects properly and also achieve quality and optimum delivery.

Introduction   Introduction

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