This Guest paper was submitted for publication in July 2020).
It is copyright to Mary Walton, 2020.
Published here October 2020.

Introduction | Project Management and Health Policies
High Stakes and Beneficiaries | Stakeholders and Flexibility
Benefits of Project Management by Planning and Budgeting
Benefits in Processes, Communications and Stakeholder Relations
Best Practices for Healthcare Project Managers | Conclusion

Best Practices for Healthcare Project Managers

Every project manager must have these best practices in mind before launching any project.

1.  Communicate with the hospital

Make sure you have a standard and open means of communication. Give room for feedback from departments in the organization and encourage team participation. Make your team members comfortable and encourage them to speak up and let them feel that their opinions are always welcome.

2.  Define your process

Streamlining your process makes it easy for you to implement and execute them. Use project management tools that make it easy to plan your next steps and also track your progress.

3.  Document your results

For every project, document your results for learning purposes. Summarize all lessons learned, problems, solutions, outcomes, dos, and don'ts, including all unexpected occurrences. Doing this will improve your project management skills and also give you the opportunity to celebrate your wins.

4.  Understand regulations

You must develop your knowledge of the necessary requirements, regulations, and governance demanded by the healthcare industry authorities.

Benefits in Processes, Communications and Stakeholder Relations  Benefits in Processes, Communications and Stakeholder Relations

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