This Guest paper was submitted for publication in July 2020).
It is copyright to Mary Walton, 2020.
Published here October 2020.

Introduction | Project Management and Health Policies
High Stakes and Beneficiaries | Stakeholders and Flexibility
Benefits of Project Management by Planning and Budgeting
Benefits in Processes, Communications and Stakeholder Relations
Best Practices for Healthcare Project Managers | Conclusion

High Stakes and Beneficiaries

2.  High stakes

Healthcare litigation costs more than 50 billion dollars per year. It is no longer news that one of the main aims of healthcare project management is to access, track, analyze and reduce risk. The health care industry faces much higher stakes than any other industry because there is always a need to protect patient information due to the privacy and confidentiality regulations of the HIPPA. If private data of any patient is put out there in any way that is inappropriate, such a facility is at risk of litigation.

For all project managers that want to move into the healthcare industry, you need to take note of these important elements because they help you add another layer of project responsibility. You must manage every project well and avoid mistakes that can have detrimental effects on patients. You can achieve this by establishing efficient and straight-forward processes.

3.  Always consider the beneficiaries when managing projects

Projects and activities in the healthcare industry are very people-oriented. That is, dealing with people, either directly or indirectly, involved in providing healthcare services (i.e., healthcare-professionals and health-workers) or people receiving healthcare services. When managing such projects, you should always consider the target beneficiaries.

If a healthcare project is towards healthcare-professionals and providers, let there be a clear-cut definition while considering their sectors, nature of work, hierarchy, and condition. For instance, if you are creating an insurance project for healthcare workers at the frontline, the project needs to consider the factors named above and the risk involved being a healthcare worker on the frontline. The considerations for frontline healthcare-workers are distinct from the considerations for maybe healthcare professionals that carry out tests and diagnostics.

Project Management and Health Policies  Project Management and Health Policies

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