This Guest paper was submitted for publication in July 2020).
It is copyright to Mary Walton, 2020.
Published here October 2020.

Introduction | Project Management and Health Policies
High Stakes and Beneficiaries | Stakeholders and Flexibility
Benefits of Project Management by Planning and Budgeting
Benefits in Processes, Communications and Stakeholder Relations
Best Practices for Healthcare Project Managers | Conclusion

Benefits in Processes, Communications and Stakeholder Relations

3.  Processes

One of the biggest advantages of project management in hospitals is that it helps to reduce litigation risks and high stakes that loom over every healthcare organization. Developing step-by-step processes clears almost all negative outcomes. No details will be left to chance, and it increases positive results for the patients.

Efficient processes are important. Not just to lower cost and boost revenue, but also to provide the best quality care. These changes mean that healthcare organizations need to go the extra mile so they can run efficiently and also manage the ever-increasing number of patients, demands, and workflow.

4.  Communications

Project management improves communication among healthcare providers. Different teams in the hospital need to work together. This collaboration is not only within a department but across other departments and at times across hospitals. Depending on the medical condition of a patient, there are times they will have to be treated by several different physicians. These physicians need to communicate and also coordinate their efforts. This makes effective communication essential for the organization and also for the patients.

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Project management helps to create communication channels and processes so that everyone has access to all the important information at the right time.

5.  Stakeholder relations

Project management is also a public relations tool. The Healthcare sector involves a lot of stakeholders that have different expectations and requirements. Project management enables healthcare providers to meet the expectations of the stakeholders by improving communication, processes, budget and overall planning. It increases staff productivity and improves the quality of care.

Benefits of Project Management by Planning and Budgeting  Benefits of Project Management by Planning and Budgeting

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